Geant4 User Forum migrates to Discourse

By asai
May 28, 2019
On May 29th, we're closing down the SLAC-operated Geant4 HyperNews forum after 18 years of service.  New account applications and new posting on HyperNews will be disabled, but the old site and its contents will still be available on a read-only basis.
The Geant4 forum will now be hosted on CERN-operated Discourse, which is modern, more flexible and more secure than HyperNews.  All of the old Geant4 fora are included, but re-organized into categories which more represent past usage patterns.  At the head of each category are links to the old forum categories which provide read-only access to all old posts.
Geant4 Discourse is now open at Please note that your user account or your subscription setting of the old HyperNews system will *NOT* be automatically transferred to the new Discourse system. Thus, please *REGISTER* for your account before posting. You can do so from your CERN, GitHub, or other account such as Google or Yahoo. Each account must be approved by Geant4 Discourse admin, so there may be some delay (hopefully within one business day) before you receive your welcome notice.
After receiving the welcome notice, please log-in to this new Discourse and *SUBSCRIBE* threads you are interested in. To subscribe thread(s):
  1. click your initial character at the top-right corner (or your icon if you register it) to go to your account
  2. click “Preference” tab
  3. click “Categories” in the left-side menu
  4. click “Search…” box of Watched and select thread(s)
  5. click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page